Scrum Master

Scrum Master is one of the 3 scrum roles and the characteristics of an ideal Scrum Master are as follows:

  • Ensures the team is completely functional and productive
  • Helps the team to organize its work by keeping them focused on the sprint goals.
  • Leads the team through conflicts
  • Removes impediments for the team
  • Fosters the team on the path of continuous improvement
  • Protects the team from external disturbances so they can focus on their goals and commitments
  • Helps the team become self organizing by empowering the team members
  • Creates transparency by keeping the scrum artifacts visible to the team and the stakeholders.
  • Creates and manages matrices like burndowns and burnups for the stakeholders’ and team’s reference.
  • Takes care of the Scrum Process by facilitating scrum ceremonies like Daily scrum, demos, sprint planning and sprint retrospectives
  • Makes sure agile ideas are understood and respected by all stakeholders, PO and organization
  • Moderator, Trainer, Mentor and Mediator for the team.

Keys to a successful Scrum Master:

  • Should have a servant’s heart to be ready to help the team in any way possible to make them move forward
  • Should not act as the team’s manager but a leader and a facilitator
  • Should be an expert on Scrum
  • Has decision making authority
  • Actively involved in setting goals for the team including release goals and sprint goals.


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Product Owner

One of the 3 scrum roles is Product Owner and the characteristics of an ideal Product owner are as follows:

  • Primarily focused on achieving maximum Return on Investment
  • Defines the vision for the product to be developed
  • Creates and regularly prioritizes and refines the product backlog based on the changes in direction of the project
  • Creates release plans and sprint plans to define delivery timelines
  • Single point of contact for all questions relating to requirements
  • Approves user stories to be marked ‘Done’ or Rejects them
  • Makes decision on the direction of the project
  • Represents stakeholders voice and protects their interests

Keys to a successful Product Owner:

  • Has decision making authority
  • Active participant in Goal setting for releases.
  • Has his time dedicated to do the job
  • Available for clarifications and discussions
  • Understands customer needs
  • Has good Scrum Knowledge


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