Daily Scrum

Attendees: Whole Scrum Team (including dev team, scrum master and product owner) Duration: 15 min max. When: As the name suggests, once a day, except the first day of the sprint. Typically, first thing to start the day. Why: Inspect Situation Identify Impediments Adapt plans for achieving sprint goal Sync between team members What: The Daily stand up meetings are […]

Sprint Restrospective

Attendees: Whole Scrum team (including dev team, ScrumMaster and Product owner) Duration: 1 hour When: Last day of a sprint after all the stories are ‘Done’ Why: Inspect & Adapt Improve Learn Process Improvements What: Scrum Master facilitates Scrum Team discusses ‘what went well’, ‘what can be improved’ and ‘New Ideas / suggestions’ For what went well – […]

What is Scrum

The word ‘Scrum‘ comes from the sport of Rugby. However, here we are talking about the framework used for software development. This word was initially used as an analogy to signify the importance of teams in the Scrum software development process. Scrum falls under the broad umbrella of agile methodology. It was designed by Jeff Sutherland […]

What is Agile

Agile is an iterative and incremental process of software development which advises to split the work into smaller pieces and deal with smaller piece(s) at a time unlike the traditional Waterfall method where the software is delivered all at once Agile prescribes to build the software in smaller pieces and continuously integrate those to obtain the desired final product.   There […]