Sprint Planning

Attendees: Whole Scrum Team (including dev team, scrum master and product owner)

Duration: Ideally 1 hour per sprint week. Example – 3 hrs for a 3 week sprint and 4 hrs for a 4 week sprint

When: Before a Sprint begins.

Why: To populate the sprint backlog for the coming up sprint.


  1. Access team availability to gauge how many stories can be completed in a sprint
  2. Define Sprint Goal
  3. Product owner pull stories from prioritized product backlog
  4. Team discuss the user stories
  5. Team throw estimates on the stories in story points
  6. Discussed and estimated User stories are pulled into sprint backlog
  7. Team commits to the sprint goal and the user stories in the sprint backlog.

Helpful Tip(s): Refinement meetings ( or grooming meetings) before the sprint planning meeting help in hashing out intricate details of the planned stories for the upcoming sprints.


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