Daily Scrum

Attendees: Whole Scrum Team (including dev team, scrum master and product owner)

Duration: 15 min max.

When: As the name suggests, once a day, except the first day of the sprint. Typically, first thing to start the day.


  • Inspect Situation
  • Identify Impediments
  • Adapt plans for achieving sprint goal
  • Sync between team members


The Daily stand up meetings are conducted to bring the whole team on the same page. Every team member informs others what he/she is working on and if he/she is blocked by anything. If there are any blockers the Scrum master will make a note of those in the meeting and try to remove those for the team member to make further progress. The below listed activities are followed in a Daily Stand-up:

  1. Ideally conducted in the team area.
  2. Update Sprint Backlog to reflect reality
  3. Update Sprint Burndown Chart
  4. Understand the situation
  5. Self organize for achieving sprint goal
  6. Meeting lasts for max. 15 minutes
  7. Each team members answers the following 3 questions:
  • What I did yesterday?
  • What will I do today?
  • Are there any impediments / blockers ?

Daily Scrum

Helpful Tip(s):

  • Most teams use a token to pass around (Like a ball or a toy) in random order, whoever gets the token speaks.
  • Any other discussion apart from the 3 questions can be discussed as a 16th minute item after the 15 min stand-up is over.


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