INVEST criteria

A well written user story follows the INVEST model:

  • Independent – Has less to no dependencies on other stories / teams so its easier to plan for it
  • Negotiable – Team should be able to collaboratively come up with the details of the story
  • Valuable – Should provide some value to the project / customer
  • Estimable – Should not be too vague or too big to estimate
  • Small – Should be small enough to be developed and tested within one iteration / sprint
  • Testable – Should contain well defined Acceptance criteria.

Invest model


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User Story


A user story is a brief description of a desired feature, which contains enough information for the team to estimate it and potentially develop it and test it in one sprint. The typical format of a user story is as follows:

“As a <role>, I want <goal/desire> so that <benefit>”


“As a job seeker I want to add a new resume to the site so that I can apply for jobs quickly”

user story


Anybody in the team can write user stories and add them to the product backlog but Product Owner owns the product backlog so it is expected of him to write and prioritize the user stories in the product backlog.


One of the first things to do right after the start of a project is to write user stories for the product to be developed and add them to the product backlog and also prioritize them. But the User stories are written throughout the life of a project.


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