Daily Scrum

Attendees: Whole Scrum Team (including dev team, scrum master and product owner) Duration: 15 min max. When: As the name suggests, once a day, except the first day of the sprint. Typically, first thing to start the day. Why: Inspect Situation Identify Impediments Adapt plans for achieving sprint goal Sync between team members What: The Daily stand up meetings are […]

Sprint Restrospective

Attendees: Whole Scrum team (including dev team, ScrumMaster and Product owner) Duration: 1 hour When: Last day of a sprint after all the stories are ‘Done’ Why: Inspect & Adapt Improve Learn Process Improvements What: Scrum Master facilitates Scrum Team discusses ‘what went well’, ‘what can be improved’ and ‘New Ideas / suggestions’ For what went well – […]